The Social Graph & Festival Pass Update | Issue 8

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The Social Graph

Update on Festival Pass NFTs

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📣 The Social Graph 📣

No matter where you focus your efforts in Web2 or Web 3 as a brand or individual, I believe strongly in the concept of expanding one's social graph. At it's core, it's a networking concept that Web3 projects and brands must leverage in order to grow and evolve. Read on for a strategy to do just this...

🎵 Update on Festival Pass NFT 🎵

The Festival Pass NFTs are growing strong, and many of our 1093 NFT holders have connected their wallets to take advantage of free monthly credits! One community member @KnightRider02 bought the Festival Pass NFT and enjoyed a hockey game with tickets obtained with the points on the NFT! Did you know each NFT gets you 1200$ USD of credits per year to use for tickets to over 80,000 events?

Coming up next week, the Festival Pass team will be live on site at SXSW where NFT holders will have access to a VIP event and intimate concert with 9 bands, headlined by "Killer Mike." Look out for their mobile content studio, partnered with SPIN magazine!

In other news, art has been revealed for their first 'tranche' of NFTs. Check it out here! (And stay tuned for a familiar face to appear in an upcoming art drop...)

If you haven't yet connected your 1093 NFT to get your free credits, head over to the festivalPass website and create an account. By connecting your wallet, you receive 10 festivalPass credits PER month just by holding the 1093 NFT. ALSO, if you buy the Festival Pass NFT, they have agreed to give 1093 holders a 0.1E REFUND on the purchase. Open a ticket in their discord after purchase to claim the refund.

🎙Podcast Highlight🎙

Fanzo is still on the coffee train! He sat down recently with Joe O'Rourke from Forum3, the agency behind the Starbucks Odyssey digital token program. They talked about the importance of a well executed roll-out and onboarding process for customers. They talk about community engagement and how Starbucks is reinventing customer loyalty. Check out the podcast episode here, or click below for the video!

🙂 Did you know? 🙂

Did you know that Fanzo is available for advising services? Everything from a one-time consulting call to a longer term relationship, he provides guidance to brands, individuals, and projects in both Web2 and Web3. Interested in booking a call? Email

🌎 Where's Fanzo? 🌎

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