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🤩 Looking ahead to Season 2 🤩

Happy 2023, NFT365 family and frens! Season 2 of the podcast is well underway and there's been so many new friends and co-hosts sharing the airwaves.

If you've been listening and paying attention, you'll know there's more than only the podcast going on in the background. Read on for more...

ğŸŽ¨ Nifty Gateway Partnership ğŸŽ¨

📣 We're excited to announce that after Fanzo was selected as a Nifty Gateway publisher, we've been hard at work to showcase some amazing artists (stay tuned for their debuts!) The NFT365 mission has always been to amplify artists and build a bridge to Web 3. Along with the NFT365 podcast team, Fanzo is looking to curate collections initially for limited-run, small collections including AI art, photographers, and artists. We are now accepting applications for art collections!

‼️ Interested in being published in Fanzo's storefront on Nifty Gateway? Apply here!

Our first featured artists will be dropping their collections on January 27, 2023, and February 2, 2023. Tune into the Tuesday SuperPOWER hours over the next couple of weeks to hear more.

✨ AI365 ✨

ICYMI... Fanzo has been hard at work creating art and minting it onto the blockchain daily. It's another 365 journey that he is on, and taking us along with him for the eye-popping ride. Check it out here. And read on to see how owning one of these can get you some added value...

"We are each perfectly imperfect" - Jan 9, 2023 mint

💬 Bringing Back Friday Calls! 💬

Over the past few weeks of transition to Season 2, Fanzo has missed connecting with you all on Fridays! The regular call (previously known as the "93 Club Call") is coming back! Time TBD. How to access it?

📣 Mint365 Mosaic Update 📣

The Mint365 mosaic sale is still underway and the plan for auction hasn't changed! The work is ongoing in the background to allow this complex auction to take place. Given the current market, the team cannot predict the potential financial gain, but will work to maximize the value for all involved. For those looking to see or share the collection, check it out here in Spatial!

ğŸŽ™ Podcast Highlights ğŸŽ™

If you missed some of the recent episodes from Season 2, here are a few highlights! Episodes with Jordache and Fanzo hashing out the NFT news and latest trends have been some of the most popular recently. In Episode 375, they chat about Starbucks leading the way into the mass digital token space, amongst other things.

Are you up for a peek behind the galactic curtains of launching an NFT project? Fanzo and Austen from the Galactic Gaylords start a monthly series chronicling the launch of this great project. Their second instalment is coming soon - but check out the first one here!

~ Today's Fanzo-ism ~

"Give yourself grace! The world needs more empathy, towards each other and towards ourselves."

📆 Upcoming dates 📆

Jan 17 ~ SuperPOWER hour @ 4pm EST

Jan 20 ~ FanZONE Friday call (time TBD) *

Jan 24 ~ SuperPOWER hour @ 4pm EST ~ Nifty artist feature!

Jan 19 ~ Game night in the discord @ 9pm EST

Jan 20 ~ FanZONE Friday call (time TBD) *

Jan 31 ~ SuperPOWER hour @ 4pm EST ~ Nifty artist feature!

(* Gated - see announcement above)

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