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Happy Tuesday webform members.

This week's email is different. Let me explain.


The goal of is to improve returns for LPs through a quality filter.

I'm adding this monthly update and KPI email to measure against this goal; today you're receiving the first.

Like everything about webform, the update format will evolve but broadly include:

  • KPIs

  • strategy to increase quality of deal flow

  • requests for community action


Since I launched 4 weeks ago:

  • 3 early-stage deals curated

  • $4.45M of $6M available raised across these 3 deals

  • 7 startups nominated via inbound form submissions and existing investors (thank you @Shima, @2Punks and @Magrathea for nominating!)

Strategy: enabling member nomination

The startups I curate are based on personal investment theses.

That said:

  1. you don't know these theses;

  2. webform members have their own theses; and

  3. I'm a bottleneck to member-nominated deals as a 1-person review committee.

So, going forward:

  1. I will publish my investment theses on webform so you better understand why I curated startup XYZ; and

  2. will have a "Matei-curated" and a "member-nominated" section, in both cases giving credit to the webform nominator

Members must be accepted via the webform and so member-nominations are high-signal, just not my signal.

If you feedback on how to do community-nominators right, DM me on Telegram. As a next step, I will create a community-nomination form separate from the public webform and pin it in Telegram.

Community action: get your OG Member NFT & share your theses

1) Deal emails are now token-gated; tokens are airdropped to members after they are accepted via the webform.

ACTION: I need your ETH wallet address to airdrop you 1 of 100 OG member NFTs - first come first serve for the lower numbered tokens (AKA bragging rights as webform grows).

2) Member-nominated deals will go live next email, after I think through the process more:

ACTION: Share your investment theses with me for publication (or republication) on webform so I and the community can understand what you nominate and curate for you what you want to see.

You can DM in Telegram @teieth or email with responses to both action items.

Join the telegram if you haven't yet.

Special thank you @Colin Armstrong (founder @, our newsletter platform & member) for doing a 1-off fix so we can gate with ERC-1155s.

Lastly, Happy Holidays!


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