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vetted web3 investors & founders

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webform.vc is a community of vetted web3 investors and founders.

Members are nominated via the webform to access gated deal flow and a joint Telegram.


Investors see curated early-stage deals and expose their portfolio to follow-on investors.

Startups see active, founder-focused, investors and other founders at similar stages.

Criteria to join

Both investors and startups fill out the form at webform.vc.

Investors may join the community by successfully nominating a startup and:

  • nominee startups are raising now or in the next two quarters

  • are an existing investor in the nominee startup; or

  • intend to participate in the nominee startup's next round

Startups join by self-nominating or by being nominated by an existing member and are:

  • up to and including Series A

  • raising now or in the next 2 quarters

  • have existing investors

Community Investors on December 12, 2022

Visit webform.vc to apply.

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