Block Report: 20 October 2022

Your Blockchain Summary

TLDR. Your summary of everything blockchain related:

  • Blur NFT Marketplace launches publicly with an Airdrop

  • Fidelity allows institutional clients to buy Ethereum

  • SBF talks on defi and the crypto industry and pushes for more legislation

  • Notorious scammer Beanie makes a return to Twitter Spaces

  • SoRare launches NBA game in beta

  • Tesla digital assets holdings unsold in earnings reports

  • Major League Baseball is hiring to expand its NFT strategy

  • Binance holds 5.9% of voting weight in Uniswap

  • Coinbase Backs Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Lawsuit Against SEC

  • Nubank to introduce native loyalty token via polygon

  • Reddit onboards 3 Million users to Matic wallets

  • Boreta wins the 2022 Lumen Prize for 'Rituals - Venice'

Into the details:

Crypto uneventfully is relatively stable which I feel is a strong sign of its strength considering the macro conditions. Contrarily, quite an eventful day in terms of NFT news. Beanie returning to spaces to attempt to clear his name, a seemly fake collection ranking no.1 on Opensea volume (Dodoor) and SBF releasing a thread that seems to focus on the promotion of his personal interests over what's right for blockchains and decentralisation. All of these show how early and naive the space is, leaving plenty of room for innovation as we grow. An interesting factor worth thinking about with the Beanie drama is how large a percentage of those involved in NFT's are unaware of him. Newcomers to the space often jump the gun, interested in profits over knowledge of the landscape and what has led us here, leaving them prone to scam like behaviour, easily avoided with a small amount of research. This also opens up the conversation of where we get our research from, and how to vet it, which I feel will become ever more important in a growing NFT space. With ever more people adopting NFT's, sensationalism across news outlets and social media will always rise to the top, leaving it much harder to actually obtain legitimate and in depth information. My concern here being, the percentage of the community that will be representing and spearheading development of interesting blockchain innovations will decrease dramatically. Something to ponder...

To look out for:

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