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What I've Been Thinking About Lately #4 (WIBTAL)

Weekly thoughts at the close of the week, edition 4

This edition is inspired and influenced by Greg Skriloff, who is an incredibly impressive, thoughtful, and kind individual who I've had the pleasure of bouncing ideas off this week.

As your influence grows, so does your capacity to negatively affect situations. Mistakes or errors in judgement that have minimal consequences for an entry level person could be detrimental for a CEO. Combine this with the fact that with more influence you have a larger audience, your actions, decisions, and shared opinions have far-reaching implications. Become big enough, and you are bound to upset some portion of it.

Our perception of time seems to inflate. The greater the quantity of experienced time, the shorter our daily experience feels. Each year seems to pass in record speed. Regardless of my wishes, time marches on relentlessly, leaving me striving to hold onto moments and memories as much as I can. Combat this time march with things that cause time to dilate, take risks, do things that scare you, and learn new things.

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