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What Is The Wolf Den? *IMPORTANT*

This an important message for everyone in the Wolf Den or considering joining the Wolf Den:

At the time of writing this, there is a Web 3 project that is getting obliterated with hate from angry NFT holders and prospective holders because they recently made a statement that said:

"We are no longer an NFT project"

Given the context and the rest of the message, we believe they were trying to say that they are aiming to become much more than just an NFT project. If that is the case, it's a great idea, just worded poorly.

Their members, many of which did not take to clarify or have a strong understanding of the diffusion of innovation, technology, or concern for the sustainability of the company (yes, it's a company) are angry that they bought into an "NFT project" that is no longer an NFT project. We have our opinion about this whole thing but more importantly...

Let's make sure we get this out of the way right now:

The Wolf Den is NOT an NFT project. 
It's NOT a Web 3 project
It's NOT a crypto project. 
It's NOT a blockchain project. 

...Then what is it?

From the Founder

From The Wolf Den (Members)

Let there be no confusion in the future.

The Wolf Den is a human project. Powered by the blockchain

If that is not your thing, that's okay. We support your endeavors; whatever they may be.

Stay #Wolfish,