A #Wolfish Schedule

Wolfish All Around

From the Desk of Wolf Pup #0
Seattle, Washington
Feb 14th, 2023

It's a #wolfish week here in the Den.

Saturday, we kicked off the Wolf Pup jailbreak. Already, nearly half of the fire elements have been claimed. The fire element is just one of five special elements that will be forged together to create something that does not yet exist. If you have paid close attention, you can probably deduce which element makes the most sense to pursue next [hint: all these fire pups in one place should generate...].

Monday night we have another powerful Guardian-only call for the Guardians of the Guardian Academy and introduced the new Guardian Badge. This little Wolf Pup wears his with pride.

Today, we have the trifecta: Taco Tuesday, Valentine's Day, and a very special launch. Doc The Wolf's children's book "Turning Pennies Into Dimes" was published today. That makes Doc The Wolf the first Wolf Pup officially published into a hard copy of a book. Plus, listen to him and his daughter read from the book together:


Thursday, I have a very special surprise for Grand Master Collectors.

Since they're already in town for the Wolf Den event on Friday, I'm going to take them over to a friend's house. A legendary manager and show promoter, he has accumulated two homes and five warehouses full of personally gifted Rock n Roll memorabilia over the past 50 years. We have very #wolfish plans for all of this memorabilia, the Wolf Pups into culture or music history will love it.

Friday, we have our Wolf Den Event in Scottsdale with a bonus experience Friday night and Saturday morning.

Hope to see you Friday.

Even though we have a toon of #wolfish activities this week, we are still acquiring fire keys and preparing the map for the next part of the journey.

Stay #wolfish
Wolf Pup 0