Hints and Clues

Hints and Clues.

From the Desk of You Know Who
Seattle, Wa
Jan 30, 2023

The pot at the end of the Wolf Pup Journey continues to grow...

The next two keys will be revealed once Wolf Pup 4086 is minted. Unless it's tomorrow because tomorrow my Wolf Pups eyes will be clued to my friend Doc The Wolf and his world:

How does this all come together? You can try and piece it together if you dare. If not, that's fine, too. Just tuck your Wolf Pups away somewhere safe and carry on.

In the meantime... hints, and clues. I will do my best to keep them all updated here in the order they are revealed. But I will never link to this page, so if you are here, you've been paying attention.

Here is the first:

There is a pattern there. If you think about what you know about me, it might help you figure out what the pattern is (and the next 34 numbers). But what do they mean?

Until next time,
Pup 0

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