Know Thyself

Lessons From The Jailbreak

From The Desk of Wolf Pup #0
March 10, 2023
Seattle, Washington

To whom it may concern,

Many of us of Wolf Packs have banded together to free our captive brothers and sisters. This has sent us on a journey to gather magical keys, rare elements, and who knows what we will be up against next.

Our first mission was to find the hidden fire keys and use them to open the mystical fire door. Behind that door was one of the rarest elements in the universe.

My Fire Key and Rare Fire Element

The mission has forced us to work together and, surprisingly, learn more about ourselves and those around us. Each elemental constitution has a "nature" about it. A fire wolf has a different strength, weakness, and overall disposition than an Earth wolf. By understanding ourselves and others, we will be able to more efficiently (and empathically) navigate the world around us.

The journey also revealed three states of "balance" - yin, yang, and balanced. As the journey continues, I will update this document for posterity. Study it and you will gain enormous power.

Three States:

  1. Balanced [Element] Nature. These are the gray wolves.

  2. Yin [Element] Nature. These are the white wolves.

  3. Yang [Element] Nature. These are the black wolves.

This is not a permanent state, what is unbalanced can become balanced and vis versa, this is just the natural or "responsive" state the Wolf Pup spends the most time in. How it manifests in the thoughts and behavior of the Wolf Pup depends on his or her elemental constitution - which we learn about in the journey.

Understanding this will help make sense of how your wolf responds to the world, other wolf pups and might even dictate some of it's character traits in the metaverse.

Here is what the journey has revealed so far:

Learn about the nature of the Fire Wolf here. You will need a Fire Wolf Pup or the Fire Key to access it.

Here we can see that fire generates Earth

Upon completion of the fire journey, we learned that from the ashes, Earth is generated. The image above has been hanging in the lab for months, it's finally starting to make sense. Learn about your fire nature or the fire nature of others here.

EARTH ELEMENT [Journey Underway]

METAL ELEMENT [Coming soon]

WATER ELEMENT [Coming soon]

WOOD ELEMENT [Coming soon]

Check back upon completion of the next journey for updates.

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