Mad Scientist Path (AI powered part 2)

From The Desk of Wolf Pup #0
Seattle, Washington
March 5th, 2023

I know it's only been one day since our last correspondence but something urgent has come up...

Yesterday I asked Chat GPT to teach me how to code some simple games using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I was able to get the Wolf Pup 0 Memory game live before going to bed but sleep was hard to come by. I kept seeing images of these zombified wolf pups raining down on us from above.

My little pup brain was racing with questions...

Is this just my imagination?

Is this a sign of things to come?

Has AI gone too far? Are these the consequences?

Are these things ugly AF or cute AF?

So I rushed out of my little pup bed and did the only logical thing to do. Asked Chat GPT to help me make a shooter game because the rational answer to all of the questions above is:

"I dunno. let's shoot them"

Wolf Pup 0 fighting evil with this space glasses on

between the wolf pup jailbreak and this zombie invasion, I don't know what's next for us pups - but I think it's a good idea to practice both our shooting skills and strengthen our memories.

Just in case.

Fortunately, we can do both right here:

Wolf Pup 0

PS. We're just having fun here. Jump into chat gpt or midjourney and create... games, stories, code, or whatever comes to mind. Or just hang out and check out what other pups are creating.

PPS. To continue down this journey of creation, exploration, and collaboration you will need a Mad Scientist NFT, a Wolf Pup, or a Sage Wolf NFT.

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