You didn't hear this from me

From the Desk of Wolf Pup #0
Seattle, Washington
Feb 9, 2023

I've enrolled Doc The Wolf in our mission to free our Wolf Pup brother and systems. Operation: Jailbreak starts soon.

Doc is putting together all of the clues, so keep an eye out for them tomorrow. Here's what we know:

To free our most prized brothers and sisters we will need a special kind of key. There used to be only one existence until it was destroyed. Our intel suggests that the elements necessary to forge a new key are so rare that only ten more keys can ever be forged.


The rare elements that combine to forge these keys are scattered around the world, locked behind 5 different doors. Each door has special properties that can only be opened with very specific keys.

Five ultra-rare elements. Five doors. Five keys. Got it?

Good, because there is more. In order to reach one of the door keys a wolf pup must have the special qualities that allow it to take the path that leads to the door. For example, the only map we have right now is to the Fire key that opens the Fire door, only a fire wolf pup can walk down that path.

The fire pups that make the journey were born with the gift we need to acquire what is behind the fire door, but their traits will not be enough. They will have to use their mind(s), work together, and figure out how to get past the roadblocks along the way.

The journey will start here:

That's all I can tell you for now.

Until next time
Wolf Pup 0