Stuck? It's The Voices

The Six Voices of Doe Chi

"You can borrow knowledge from another, but not wisdom. Wisdom must be earned. "

As the Guardian Academy says "Live to Learn. Give to Earn."

To live as a Gray Wolf and give from your best self you must learn to overcome what is called "Doe Chi". Doe Chi means being drunk with one’s (own) thoughts and ideas. It is blind to the interest of others; it is the master of fleeting illusions and self-interest, leading people with noise and whim.

Dopamine without effort is one of the most powerful weapons Doe Chi. The pups out there living within Doe Chi are not only alone, but they are failures at and within life.

Ears up, pup, because Doe Chi has six voices:

The Six Voice Of Doe Chi

Look around. On all sides, there is evidence of Doe Chi. Most humans and pups do not follow principles, but rather their momentary feelings, likes, and dislikes. These ever-changing guides are the enemy of principles and the adversary of success.

Many humans today are stuck. They are stuck today and when tomorrow comes they will be lost because they have not rooted their decisions in principles, they sway with every gust of wind; every headline, every impulse, and every influence. They have not prepared and, consequently, have no power or peace. While Doe Chi has many voices, these are the six most common in today’s world:

1. Stuck on “True”

You’re at mastermind with your business friends. You just hired an assistant. Your friend just hired a nanny. Another friend chose not to hire anyone new. “Why did you hire a nanny? Your first hire should be an assistant, that is the best move” Everyone has discovered their own “True”; personal preference as to handling their business and life.

You may love mustard and your friend hates it. But very few understand that one person’s True may be different than their own. Quite often, an individual tries to compel others to accept his or her version of True. This might be the best course of action for one individual, but that does not make it the best Correct action for everyone else.

“You must see it my way” has caused an endless array of violence and war throughout history. It's a mistake to believe that it was relevant and accurate from your perception is relevant and accurate for everyone.

2. Stuck on “Right”

Many insist that their way of doing things is the Right way, in fact, some insist it’s the only way. Have you ever seen someone drive, relentlessly, toward a goal and leave their family alone, broken, or neglected? They say “This is the Right thing to do for my family” while shortening their own lives and neglecting their own family. Blindly believing there is one right way or “proving myself at all costs”  is the voice of Doe Chi.

Those that are stuck on "right" and proving they are right are stubborn and selfish. 

3.Stuck on Not Knowing

Many do not understand the principle of decision-making and do not wish to understand it. Many don’t know what they don’t know and are stuck in the passive mode of ignorance. This leaves us with no choice but to accept the opinions of others about what is True or Right (let others tell us how to do something or how we should feel about something). Those that are stuck on not knowing are forever victims.

They say “they told me to do it”. This breeds weakness. 

4.Stuck on Blaming Others

A father returns home from work and denies his wife's request to help her with the children. “You dont understand how difficult my day has been” he says “I need to relax and watch TV. I am right, you are wrong”.

Again, the voice of Doe Chi. Anytime someone says “You don’t understand how I feel” you are very likely hearing the voice of Doe Chi - the voice that leads to loneliness. “It’s your fault” destroys harmony and peace.

5.Stuck on Failure

“I have tried so hard but can’t change”

Yet another voice of Doe Chi. Doe Chi tries to silence the Gray Wolf principle: “You can change your own reality”.

If you have money problems, you created them and you can change them. If you have relationship problems, you created them and you can change them.

You can achieve your best self by tapping into the root of genuine power by traveling the Gray Wolf pathway.

6.Stuck on Self Pride

“Stop judging me”. Another voice of Doe Chi. Doe chi rejects all criticism and all suggestions. This makes it immune to true love and true friendship. Doe Chi has its little wolf pup ears plugged with self-pride, eyes blinded by self-deception, and heart hardened by egotism.

Bonus: Three Ways To Silence Doe Chi:

Open up the "invisible eye"

The visible eye is the obvious; momentary likes and dislikes. The invisible eye can what is below the surface, the root, and focused on principles. It's like seeing inside the matrix. The invisible eye sees the enduring, unchanging principles to help you see the Correct choices each day. Use mastery of foundation principles to acquire deep power and lasting harmony. Learn to see inside the matrix with the Guardian Academy Foundations. 

Cultivate genuine friendship

Stop being nice, stop seeking nice. The strongest sword is made of tempered steel that has been subjected to intense pressure and heat over and over again until it is nearly indestructible. A genuine friend tempers your mind again and again until it is powerful. True friends will be the first to point out negative qualities to help you grow. This is the principle of friendship, seek constructive criticism and consider it an act of loyalty and love.

The Wolf Den is built for Wolf Pups to develop true friends in their pack.

True friendship is built on loyalty, loyalty is a principle. It never changes. In business, they may teach you to say nine things you did right before pointing out one thing you did wrong. That is not true friendship. True friendship is pointing out nine things you did wrong and one thing you did right.

Do not expect grand gestures of approval from a spouse or friends. Do not look for flowery compliments. Genuine friends show approval in subtle and quiet ways; a subtle nod a special look learned signals. The noisy and boisterous voice of Doe Chi. Genuine friends do not develop Doe Chi, but rather a deep and silent power. 

Moving meditation 

Moving meditation teaches you to look at yourself - not just your physical form, but everything inside of you. It creates a mirror of the inner self. When you learn to look into that mirror, you will find answers that will change you.

If you don't know how to meditate, that's okay. Just moving more will do the trick.  

If you're stuck, look in the mirror and listen closely to the voices that are influencing you. Can't wait to see my fellow Wolf Pups in the community to chat about this!

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