The Guardian (Gray Wolf) Part 2

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Guard Your True Self

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Most prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of unertainty"
- Virgina Satir

The first step is to learn to know your true (pure) self in all aspects: mental, physical, spiritual, and in relationship to others. Those who achieve self-knowledge are prepared to choose and follow the “Chung Doe” path. There are two paths in life.

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The Earned Path is the way of great mental, physical, and spiritual power that adds value to the individual, family, and others. Relationships based on the Earned Path are pure, enduring, and productive. They produce the “good seeds” to leave behind for posterity. The Entitled Path or “Pa Doe” is the bad seed of poor principles because it lives only unto itself without moral principles. You will have the power to choose the path you take. The question becomes: how do you choose? 

The answer is by learning to know who you truly are and by following these principles. 

  • Life is a never-ending battle between earned and entitled. You have the power to choose your path and become as great or extraordinary as you want. 

  • You are your own guide. You are your own guard. 

  • The “unseeing” can harm themselves. The “unknowing” can harm others. 

  • Those that see and know are a light to themselves and a beacon to others. They are Guardians. 

  • You are your own mirror and your own light. 

  • The deeper the water, the stronger the purpose. 

  • Stillness is the voice of destiny 

  • Choose your teachers carefully; as they are, you will become. 

  • The challenge of life is: great strength of mind and body in harmony 

Windows and Mirrors

Imagine that you know exactly where you want to go, so you pull up google maps on your phone and enter your desired destination. The app is unable to determine your current location and you are unsure of exactly where you are, so you cannot manually enter it. Even the most advanced tools and detailed maps in existence are useless to you without the “you are here” sticker on the map. Until you can see where you are, you will never get to where you want to go. 

We must learn to look at ourselves as we would look at others. Many of the problems we believe to be somewhere "out there" (out the window) and actually somewhere "in here" (in the mirror). What we believe we love or hate in others, is what we actually love or hate about ourselves.

If you do not learn to see yourself clearly, nothing else will work. You have to see yourself and your nature before you start or move otherwise when you do move you will be lost; creating tremendous uncertainty. Uncertainty about self is mistaken for uncertainty about the world. We are looking directly into a mirror and mistaking it for a window, believing the problems we face are somewhere “out there”. You will never be able to see what is “out there” until you can see yourself clearly. 

Those who develop a deep sense of self-knowledge as they follow the Guardian pathway will more easily remain on the course. Therefore the first step is to learn to know your true and pure self. 

Why is this important? Those who follow the Guardian Path value the principles of honor, integrity, loyalty, and compassion above all else, and live their lives accordingly. They consider the consequences to others involved before making any decision fully. The focus is on building character, confidence, self-esteem, and strength. Even past 70 years old they remain strong and display power in their movements and techniques. 

That very strength will carry over into their everyday lives, which will be enriched and balanced. Power is used for the correct purpose (correct justice) to purify family relations, friendships, and spiritual and daily activities. Leaving “good seeds” behind leads to the good fruit of tight communication, compassion, and integrity as a legacy. This path earns the respect and recognition of others - making for a meaningful and successful life. 

On the other side: The extreme other end is known for jealousy, egotism, and lack of positive qualities such as discipline and stability. They experience a distorted reality, far from the enduring truth due to their troublemaking and selfishness. They do not know themselves or their potential. Thus, they act in a state of unknowing and disharmony. They make so much noise they, themselves, are deaf to the prompting of reality. Their self-love causes blindness to the light of goodness and service to others. They are drunk with their own small thoughts. Weighed down by their own petty self-interests, they leave bad seeds that bear bad fruits 

The True Self is Unassailable

Regardless of the circumstance, regardless of what others say of you, no matter how you might be judged or misjudged, you are your true self moving constantly onward and upward toward the clear vision of your best self. That is the principle of self. That is your choice. 

Travelers along the Entitled Pathway have also made a choice. They choose not to see themselves, truly. Instead, they choose chaos leading nowhere. They are drunk on their own selfish ideas and blind to their own potential. They are ignorant of the principle that to lose yourself in service to others is to find yourself in a state of joy. Worse, still, they are unaware that they are unaware. Thus, in their unknowing state, they become a danger to themselves and to others. 

Those on the entitled pathway are so blinded by their delusion that they will expect, even demand, that others lie to them to maintain their identity. 

Get to know yourself. It's far more work than you might think.

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