The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain

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The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain

For many centuries, Gray Wolf mountain and the surrounding forest was looked over by a pack of wolves. Their home, the Wolf Den, sat atop the mountain, overlooking their domain. The wolves were taught to understand their own strengths, and the strengths of the others in the pack and work together to do what they've always done; keep the forest in a state of balance so they and all other animals could continue to thrive.

The wolves ruled the forest with the strength to defend their family and the kindness to choose to use that strength only to defend those that were unable to defend themselves. With two paws in the strength of the black wolf and two paws in the kindness of the white wolf, the ability to maintain balance gave the wolves of Gray Wolf Mountain the ultimate power over their own future.

The elder wolves of Gray Wolf Mountain had done their best to prepare each new litter of Wolf Pups for the duality of life; to help them understand that, though they are each different, it's their differences that make Gray Wolf Mountain and the surrounding areas thrive.

The animals in the surrounding areas respected all wolves of the wolf den, for they represented balance, power, and wisdom. They would seek the Wolf Den for food, shelter, or protection in times of need.

The Wolves lived for many years as protectors of peace, harmony, and balance. Balance that was soon to be disrupted...

Not long ago, a litter of new Wolf Pups was brought into this world. After such a long period of peace, and no outlet for their need to take action, the black wolf pups became increasingly more aggressive and started to view the white wolf pups as weak and passive.

The white wolf pups, on the other hand, began to grow tired of the black wolf's constant need for action and began to see it as unnecessarily reckless and destructive.

Unbeknownst to the animals outside of the Den, the pack, which was once one, was beginning to sort itself into two.

During one particularly harsh winter, various creatures from the forest began the ascent up the mountain, seeking the wolves for shelter, advice, and protection.

They were met, first, by an elder Gray Wolf who greeted them and howled to call the council. With the entire pack gathered around, the elder said: "We will listen to these fellow nature dwellers and help them the same way we always have: we will teach those capable how to care for themselves and others. We cannot give them handouts, we must teach them the skills to thrive without aid"

"But they're cold and hungry! We should just give them our little beds and let them eat our dinners" said a timid little white wolf pup.

"Absolutely Not!" responded one of the black wolf pups. "We don't know these clowns! They should get off our mountain right now or be destroyed!"

The white wolf pups, disgusted with the idea of violence, agreed that they've had it well for a long time and should let the travelers into their Den and let them take whatever they need.

The black wolf pups stood in agreement that the travelers were fortunate to be breathing, and that they should turn around and head back down the mountain if they wanted to stay that way.

After making their arguments, the Wolf Pups turned to the council of elders and demanded an answer. The council echoed the Gray Wolf that first greeted the strangers:

"We will listen to these fellow nature dwellers and help them the same way we always have: we will teach those capable how to care for themselves and others. We cannot give them handouts, we must teach them to thrive without aid. It is the Gray Wolf way"

The white wolf pups, disgusted with the fact that the elders wouldn't give handouts to the hungry, cold creatures stormed off the mountain.

The black wolf pups enraged that the elders would just let intruders come into the Den without a significant payment or fight, stormed off down the other side of the mountain.

Since that day the White Wolves and their wolf pups have lived on White Wolf Mountain, and the Black Wolves and their pups on Black Wolf Mountain. The animals of the once-harmonious forest now took advantage of the defenseless white wolves of white wolf mountain and feared and avoided the black wolves of black wolf mountain.

White wolf mountain was never safe. While they craved peace and solitude, their weakness and passiveness made them eternal victims to the wild. Black wolf mountain was never peaceful. While they craved connection and companionship, their aggression left them isolated, feared, and alone.

Every now and then, a brave pup from either mountain makes the journey to Gray Wolf Mountain where a small pack of wolves awaits. Led by the remaining Gray Wolves' some of the pups on Gray Wolf mountain are black, some are white and some are gray; but they all understand the importance of their roles and respect the roles of others.

"A gray wolf is a gray wolf by behavior, not by fur color"

The Gray Wolves face a monumental task. First, they must work to repair the damage they have caused and restore balance back to Gray Wolf mountain and then to the rest of the forest. The Journey to Gray Wolf Mountain is a journey of reaching a new level of understanding. An understanding of balance and cooperation, not just for themselves, but for all the wilderness.

The Journey is about understanding the principles of the Gray Wolf. The white wolves must understand that strength is necessary for harmony. The black wolf must understand that true strength is kindness and self-control not to use it.

Years ago, one was cut into two. The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain is the realization that the ultimate skill is to cut two back into one.

This chapter is being written right now, and it is being written by you. The decisions of the final 5,000 remaining Wolf Pups will determine the future for all.

Stay tuned...


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