The Three Voices of "Self"

I'm hearing voices

As you probably know by now, I am always working on becoming a Gray Wolf. You're never "there", it's a process.

Part of the process is being intentional about who you are and cultivating relationships with a discerning ear. Fortunately, Wolf Pups have phenomenal hearing.

Many read body language, and facial expressions, and process words to discern character.

In my time with Grand Master Mike Leone, I was tasked with reading, translating, and re-writing what is called "The Master Key To Wisdom" What I discovered is that using my #wolfish little ears I could discern quickly who I could form alliances with; for there are three voices that show us who someone truly is and what their strategy is:

The first is the Voice of Chung Doe (The Voice of the Gray Wolf)

Gray Wolf travelers use words, tones, and volume that tend to cultivate harmony, balance, respect, and togetherness. The discourse is straight, direct, dignified, and self-effacing. It’s like the deep water of the ocean that moves inexorably forward with power and purpose. 

The Second is The Voice of Emptiness.

Their words, tones, and volume are designed only to fill the silence with idle talk and aimless superficialities. Or to draw attention to the speaker. The strategy is to spend time. Travelers that fill time just to get attention or keep busy are using the voice of emptiness. The discourse is rambling and shallow, like the eddies going nowhere at the end of the stream.

The Third is The Voice of Pa Doe (The Opposite of a Gray Wolf)

Their words, tones, and volume are designed to secure specific benefits or advantages for the speaker. The nature of this voice is self-serving. The tone is shrill, boastful, and arrogant. The volume is loud and boisterous. It’s like a mud puddle after a storm, quick, gaudy, and full of garbage.

This is not a tool to judge others, that is not the Gray Wolf way. Instead, it is to be discerning about where our resources like time, attention, and commitment are directed to.

My favorite book, Bumpers, says "we must learn to appreciate when bad things don't happen". I use this tool to avoid the voice of Pa Doe at all costs and the voice of emptiness a often as possible so there is room for the travelers using the voice of the Gray Wolf.

If you are a Wolf Pup you have the tools (and incredible hearing) to listen to the voice of others and also to recognize the voice you are using.

Ears up.

Wolf Pup #0

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