This Week From The Lab

It's been busier than ever here in the lab.


Wolf Pups around the world are collecting rare elements to set their pup brothers and sisters free. We decided giving flare guns to a bunch of mischievous pups was too risky. Instead, we armed them with the hashtag: #puptonogood so they can be easily found on the Twitter machine.

The mad scientist pups are still charting the safest, most effective course forward. It may require great teamwork to acquire the next round of necessary elements.

Championship Creators

The final found of the Championship bracket is up. The Student of Fire is facing off against Base Case n Build. It's been quite the ride for the participants and those that nominated them.

You can see the final bracket and cast your vote here.


The DZP ALL EXCE$$ PASS launched last Thursday. Wolf Pups were airdropped a few and the rest of the 8,000 were minted out by Friday afternoon.

Already, one DZP ALL EXCES$$ PASS holder got to test one of the pass holder benefits DZP is thinking about offering: sit in the box or "in the pit" and maybe even meet some of your favorite musicians stars.

If you're into music, the history of music, and like to experience really cool stuff you'll want to subscribe here to keep up with DZP and new ALL EXCE$$ PASS

Pup Journeys

The Wolf Pup Journeys will continue soon, but first... something very special for all Wolf Pup holders and members of TGA.

Wolf Pup 0's Grand Master, Mike Leone, is going a special call to teach all pups the origin of the black, white, and gray fur color and the significance of the background colors.

This knowledge will be of tremendous value to the pups on future journeys.

When: Tuesday, the 23rd at 2p Pacific.

Where: details to join are in the Wolf Den and Guardian Academy Discord(s)

Mark your calendars. See you there.


Wolf Pup #0