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December 21st 2022

Adopting a Wolf Pup is one of the most exciting, scary, exhilarating, and nerve-wracking times in your life. This is true for all types of adoption, but especially true when you adopt a Wolf Pup or Wolf Pups from either minting it for the first time or adopting it from another family from an agency like Open sea.

On top of the typical new Pup owner concerns, new pup parents face the complicated issue of introducing a new Wolf Pup to friends and family without appearing to have completely lost their marbles.

Adopting a Wolf Pup is not for everyone. Below is a four-step process we recommend after adopting your new Wolf Pup. If it seems overwhelming, that’s okay. You can always come back and revisit the idea of Wolf Pup adoption later on.

Step 1: Give Your Wolf Pup A Thoughtful Name

There is a saying: “Don’t name the puppy if you don’t want to get emotionally attached”, referring to things that you do not yet own. Once you adopt your Wolf Pup you do own it and it deserves a name. A newly minted Wolf Pup will not yet have a name, if you adopt it from someone else you will have to decide whether to keep its name or give it a new one. This can be a tough decision, but it’s your call.

When you have decided on a name, it is recommended that you register the new name with the official Wolf Pup Registry.* 

Step 2: Every Pup Has A Story

After naming your Wolf Pup, you’re going to want to understand its background story, personality, and previous experiences. Without this, it will be impossible to understand how your pup will interact with others or give your pup the tools, resources, and community for it to thrive.

The registry above has 160 characters to share, but we recommend that you keep a Wolf Pup book or diary. Some new Wolf Pup holders use their Twitter as their Wolf Pup diary, and others even publish short books**. The medium is not important, what is important is that your Pup has a chance to thrive in its new home and this is an important step toward that.

Step 3: Send A Letter To Friends and Family Right Before or After the Adoption

Obviously, you will have to adapt this to fit our own circumstances, but here is a template*** we recommend:

Hi Friends and Family,

As you may or may not be aware, a new son/daughter/pup will be joining our family soon. We are excited about this new stage of our lives but we are also nervous.

We have been speaking with other Wolf Pup families about what life has been like after adopting their Wolf Pup and they told us that their lives have been enriched tremendously but their friends and family are having a hard time coping/understanding the changes.

A few Wolf Pup families have told us that their close friends and communities were supportive at first, but after the initial excitement, they had a difficult time. The good news is that wolf pup families have a like-minded community that will encourage their growth as humans and supports them through difficult times. But, just in case you notice some changes, we are asking for your help.

It’s tough to ask for help because, as you know, we are independent and strong-willed. We would hate for the happiness, joy, and progress we experience over the next few months/years to be an imposition on any of you. However, in adopting this Pup we have made the decision to be the best version of ourselves and we need to share a few things we have learned:

Consensus - We are sorry, but we will no longer seek consensus to be ourselves. We have spent too many years people-pleasing. Now that we have adopted a Wolf Pup, we cannot allow other people (even if we love them dearly) to dictate who we are and what we want out of life.

The Gray Area - We are aware that you find comfort in picking a side and validating it with headlines, dogmatic thinking, and surrounding yourself with people that agree with you. We, however, are going to work to avoid all-or-nothing and black-and-white thinking to explore the gray. This is not a judgment of you, it’s a preference for ourselves. Expect us to be slower to pick sides and more deliberate about discerning what is really going on, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

The Truth - You are welcome to “your truth”, we are going to be working on overriding the emotional version of “truth” by actively reflecting on our past experiences and fundamental principles. We have noticed that “your truth” seems to depend on how you feel at any given moment and, again no judgment, that is not a good enough compass to guide us and our new Wolf Pup. 

Teammates - There are friends, family, and teammates. If you are family you will always be family, if you are a friend you will likely always be a friend - but being either of them does not make you a teammate. Our teammates are the ones that show up and contribute, regardless of how they feel at any given moment. Now that I have adopted a Wolf pup, I will also be showing up for them. If you don’t show up for others, we can’t show up for you. We don’t love you any less, that’s just how we are rolling from now on.

We are happy to share this news with you, the hope is that you can be happy for us. If not, we understand. We cannot let the fear of progress from those around us prevent us from reaching our own unique version of greatness. We hope you welcome our new Wolf Pup with open arms. If you choose not to, that is okay but I recommend keeping your distance as the Wolf Pups do have weapons.

Pointy, sharp ones.

With your deepest appreciation

Forever #wolfish


Step 4: Wolf Pup community

Being a new Wolf Pup holder can be difficult. As you start to step into your unique gifts, ordinary people will try and limit your progress. You know, the whole crabs in the bucket will always pull down the crab trying to escape things. Fortunately, there is a community of people that will encourage you to be you and grow however you want to grow.

We strongly recommend you and your new wolf pup join the official wolf pup holder community**** so that, in times of uncertainty, you can always hang out with some other Wolf Pup parents that “get it”

If you feel that adopting a wolf pup is something you are ready for, you can start the process here:

Mint a new wolf pup

Adopt an existing wolf pup from open sea

If not, feel free to come back anytime

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*Wolf Pup Registry

**Doc The Wolf Children’s Book

***Letter To Family Template

****Official Wolf Pup Owner Community

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