What's next?

The journey awaits... but which journey?

From The Desk Of Wolf Pup #0
Seattle Washington
March 1, 2023

We've been busy in the lab laying the foundation and developing the tools to continue these journeys in new, interesting, and helpful ways.

Let's not forget why we are here; to remove more suffering from the world than we create.

You can see the four existing journeys here.

Our little wolf pup dev team is working on the forge tech that will allow wolf pups with a black guard and a white guard to forge them together and take the next step.

As for the mad scientist journey? These maniacs are out there creating like..well...mad scientists. Check out:

Theseus checking out the 2002 Olympic Fire
Doc The Wolf Asking Thoughtful Questions

Doc even wrote and published a Childrens book:

Gus The NFT continue to report new, breaking stories:

Soxie stepped up and put Wolf Pups in the ocean:

Keep it coming fellow Wolf Pups.
Unleash the inner pup!

Why The Pain and Contended Dazzelment of Surprise are done already, but timing is everything ;) Stay tuned.

Live to Learn, Give To Earn.
Wolf Pup #0

PS. Guard your medallions: