Wolfish Rewards Incoming

From The Desk of Wolf Pup#0
Seattle, Washington
May 19th 2023

It's been a busy week in the lab.

The team has been mapping out the elemental journeys for our Wolf Pup explorers to free our brothers and sisters. It's imperative that the chart we path gives us all the highest probability of successfully freeing our jailed pups.

The lab technicians have been cooking up a brand new rewards mechanism for all pups. Word on the street is that those that successfully complete the elemental journey will have a special place on the new platform - a special place with special rewards.

And of course, the lab continues to publish amazing projects "under the radar". It's the Gray Wolf Way.

These things take time.

Though I suppose all things of value do.

So while we wait for the team, technicians, and helper wolves to put the finishing touches on the lab upgrades...

I feel like giving away a Gray Wolf Pup.

Details here:

It's also a sneak peek at the testing/beta version of the reward platform.

Back to work
will catch you when I come back up for air

Wolf Pup #0