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3 AI Editing Tips for Marketers & Writers

AI editing has practically become a science.

I’ll be sharing a long-form guide on Medium with all the tips you should know on how to edit AI content properly.

But if you want to edit on the fly, try out these AI editing tips for yourself:


Remember that just because AI content sounds confidently true doesn't mean it's factual. Always double-check all statistics, numerical dates, and important data.

As we saw with Google's Bard AI mistake with the James Webb Telescope, AI can make (very public) mistakes.

A quick Google Search usually helps you weed out mistakes.


AI writing assistants like Jasper AI or Yaara AI rarely produce plagiarized content, but it's always good to double-check.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, can be more prone to accidental plagiarism. I personally swear by Grammarly Premium’s checker, but there are many other free tools you can use.

Tone Correction

We all know AI can sometimes sound.. well, like an AI. Try to manually edit it to sound more conversational or use tone commands to steer it in the right direction.

Most templated AIs have a tone prompt, and Jasper AI is particularly good at following these. If you're using ChatGPT, you can use the following tone commands:

  • Rewrite [X] in the tone of [celebrity, famous speaker]

  • Rewrite [X] in a [modifier] [tone adjective] tone.

Modifiers: slightly, somewhat, noticeable, imperceptibly, majorly, significantly.

Tone adjectives: whimsical, rude, furious, energetic, wholesome.

What are your own tricks for correcting AI-generated content?

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