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3 For Write3: Don't Be Afraid of AI

Plus, 2 eth for your crypto journalism

Good morning Write3 family!


•1 Tip For Writers
•1 Write3 Opportunity
•1 Literary NFT Worth Collecting


1. Writer's Tip - Don't Be Afraid Of AI

I use ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence assistant, for many writing jobs. In particular, I use AI to help edit my work. I use prompts like:

-> Rewrite For Clarity
-> Rewrite For Virality
-> Rewrite For An 8th Grade Reader

Don't be afraid of AI. Use it to edit, create outlines and formulate ideas. AI won't replace writers. Writers that use AI will replace those that don't.

2. Write3 Opportunity - Crypto Journalism

Headline Dao is attempting to change the way journalism is done in web3. They are offering 5 creators 2eth each for their journalism projects. Check it out here 👇🏻

3. Literary NFT Worth Collecting - Sheriff Book 1

Comics are one of my favorite Write3 categories! AI artist and creator Another Variety wrote this short/comic a few months ago. I love the art and story. Thanks to my friend Edward H Carpenter for the heads up on this one. I recently connected with AV who said book 2 is in the works, exciting! Happy collecting.

Thanks for reading!  

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