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3 For Write3: Win A Writing Contest

Plus 3 Tips For Using Mirror Effectively

Good morning Write3 family!


•1 Tip For Writers
•1 Write3 Opportunity
•1 Literary NFT Worth Collecting


1. Writer's Tip - 3 Hints For Using Mirror Effectively

If you didn't know, web3 blogging site, Mirror, is growing rapidly. I've been using the platform since the beginning and have learned how to use and sell out collections. Here's 3 quick tips for using Mirror effectively:

👉🏻 Add Google Analytics - If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Know your numbers by adding analytics to your Mirror site. Here's a comprehensive guide to get you started.
👉🏻 Small Editions & Low Cost Mints - Your goal is to build a base of collectors. As you start, use free or small mint amounts to entice readers to collect. Offer small edition amounts so you can sell-out collections. Collectors value being 1 of 5 more than being 1 of 500.
👉🏻 Reward & Engage Your Collectors - Once you're work has been collected, treat those collectors like the Kings & Queens they are! Create a reader rewards program, which could include:

•Gated Discord Community
•Allowlists - For Your Work or Others

A collector once, quickly becomes a collector twice. The key to making money on Mirror is to create a large base of collectors that keep coming back to buy your work.

If you have more questions about Mirror, join the Write3 Discord. (Note: Must own one of my Mirror essays to join)

2. Write3 Opportunity - Readl Writing Contest

Web3 publisher Readl is giving away $500 to one talented author. Here's how to enter:

👉🏻 Mint & Create your written work on Readl
👉🏻 Share a link to your work on this thread 👇🏻
👉🏻 Sell a bunch of copies!

Highest sales wins $500. Good Luck!


3. A Literary NFT Worth Collecting - NextGen Author

Speaking of Readl, let me suggest Malene Bendtsen's excellent NextGen Author. I discovered Malene and her work through Readl, proving the site is an excellent place to find great Write3 writing! I had Malene on the Write3 podcast where we chatted about solopreneurship in web3. It was an excellent conversation, I highly recommend checking it out!

Thanks for reading!  

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