3 For Write3: Write Like Stephen King

Plus, submit your literary NFTs for the Write3 collection

Good morning Write3 family!


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•1 Literary NFT Worth Collecting


1. Writer's Tip - Write Like Stephen King

Here's my tip for the week: Read Stephen King's "On Writing". If you've already read it, read it again. There's so many nuggets of wisdom in the book, I might re-title this part of the newsletter "1 Tip For Writer's From Stephen King". Today, I'll share this quote:

"I used to tell interviewers that I wrote everyday except for Christmas, the Fourth of July and my birthday. That was a lie...The truth is when I'm writing, I write everyday...that includes Christmas, the Fourth and my birthday..." - Stephen King, On Writing

I won't scare you with the amount of words King writes in a day, you'll have to read the book to feel that sense of intimidation for yourself. But the sentiment rings clear: If you're a writer, you gotta write. No exceptions. I don't make the rules, I just share them with you.

2. Write3 Opportunity - Submit Your Literary NFTs

I launched "Seize The Write3 Rememe" this week. Public mint starts this Saturday. (I hope you'll seize a few yourself). A portion of mint proceeds go towards collecting decentralized writing. I want to support my Write3 community by buying your work! Here's how to submit your writing for consideration:

👉🏻 Reply to this email with 1-2 of literary NFTs that you feel should be collected. These can be Poetry NFTs, NFT Books, Mirror essays, etc. Give me a reason why you feel your work is a great example of the Write3 movement of freedom of expression and decentralized writing.

👉🏻 In addition to your own work, submit the work of someone else that you feel deserves the same type of recognition as yours.

I'll choose pieces to collect about 7 days after "Seize The Write3 Rememe" closes. And do me a favor, forward this email to your Write3 buddies. I want a massive list of literary NFTs to collect and share with the world!

3. A Literary NFT Worth Collecting - Meet Nippy

Recently, I was on a Twitter space where a speaker described companies building with both web2 & web3 technology as "Mullet Projects". Web2 in the front, Web3 in the back. That's so funny the host created a meme project 2 days later.

This week's Write3 Show guest, Meet Nippy, might be the greatest Write3 example of a Mullet Project in existence. They're combining children's books (web2) and offering IP ownership and income via crypto (Web3). I highly recommend checking out the project, if for no other reason, to understand the power of the blockchain in rewarding your readers.

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