3 Reasons I Moved My Newsletter From BeeHiiv to Paragraph

As Michael Jackson said: "I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror"

I often say to my fellow web3 writers:

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

In other words, if you write about the power of blockchain technology, then use it in your own practice. That's why, starting today, I'm moving the Write3 Newsletter from Beehiv to Paragraph. Paragraph is the only WEB3 newsletter platform in existence. Paragraph will allow me to deliver more value to you, while also enabling the type of content best suited for Write3. I've been eyeing Paragraph for awhile. It was time for me make a change, and here's why:

3 Reasons I'm moving The Write3 Newsletter from Beehiv to Paragraph

  1. Embrace Decentralized Content Creation: Paragraph is building a tool that fits my world view. If users like myself won't try it out, why would anyone else? I know there will be bugs and issues. But I also know my audience will be patient with me (and Paragraph) as we explore this new tool.

  2. Paragraph's Building Tools That Fit My Community: Beehiv is great. I had no issues. But, when I think about what I want for my community, Beehiv isn't delivering. (Nor will they anytime soon). For example, Paragraph allows content creators to:

    1. Integrate content with decentralized platforms like Farcaster

    2. Offer token-gated content to subscribers

    3. Collect crypto wallet addresses and email addresses

  3. I believe in people. Paragraph founder & CEO, Colin Armstrong, is one of the good ones. He has a deep understanding of the value proposition of Write3. I'm confident he will build the type of products and services best suited for my community.

So, welcome to the web3 version of the Write3 newsletter. For now, the "3 For Write3" content will stay the same: Each week, I'll share:

- 1 Tip For Writers
- 1 Write3 Opportunity
- 1 Literary NFT Worth Collecting

If you're a current subscriber, be sure this newsletter didn't land in your spam. If it did, mark this new email safe so you will continue to receive my newsletter. If you're new to the Write3 newsletter, welcome! I'm excited to start exploring the platform and all the tools it has to offer you as a valued member of my community!

Thanks for reading!  

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