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Are You Going To Collect The First Write3 NFT?

Allowlist closes in 48 hours

Good morning Write3 family!

I'm writing today to share that I'm launching the first Write3 NFT and I want you to be a part of it!

"Seize The Write3 Rememe" Details:

👉🏻 Allowlist Mint - March 1st - 48 Hours - (See below for allowlist details)
👉🏻 Public Mint - March 4th - 72 Hours - .015e
👉🏻 Seize The Write3 Rememe Mint Page

How To Secure An Allowlist Spot

Collect any of my Mirror posts. You will receive one free mint for every one of my mirror posts you collect (max 10). Although several of my collections have sold out, I have hundreds of editions available for collecting and many are under $2.00. Here's some links to help you collect:

👉🏻 10 editions remain of "What Seinfeld Can Teach Web3 Writers About Twitter Rejection"
👉🏻 If you need help collecting a Mirror post, check out this tutorial

Where Can I Learn More About "Seize The Write3 Rememe"?

I wrote extensively about the project in this Mirror post. You can also read my thread on the symbolism of Seize The Memes of Production:

I'm super excited for the first Write3 NFT. I hope you'll join me in supporting decentralized writing by minting your own "Seize The Rememe" on March 1st!

Thanks for reading! 

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