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3 For Write3: Poetry Finds It Way To Artblocks

Plus, Helping You Discover The Best of Mirror

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1. Write3 Tip - How To Discover Writing NFTs on Mirror

I love reading and creating writing NFTs on But, there's one problem with Mirror: It's hard to discover new writing. Here's 4 techniques/tools I use to find great Write3 work:

👉🏻 Collections Feature - Your favorite Mirror writers are often collecting work themselves. Take a look at their collections to find great writing. Here's mine and RafatheBuilder's.
👉🏻 Advanced Twitter Search - Plug in " min_faves:25" into the search bar on Twitter to find popular Mirror articles.
👉🏻 - This is a fantastic tool. Bress allows user to:
• Search for articles based on keywords
• Comment on your favorite essays
• Create a custom feed of your favorite writers
• & much much more!
• You can follow me on Bress here
👉🏻 Mirror Leaderboard - See the most successful Mirror work. Sort by sales or collectors. I find the daily and weekly reports to be especially good at finding great Write3 work.

2. Write3 News - Poetry Comes To ArtBlocks!

The super talented duo, Sasha Stiles & Nathaniel Stern, have a poetry project on Artblocks! Here's a synopsis of "Still Moving" from the project page:

The first project of its kind, STILL MOVING is an interactive poem about humanity’s visceral engagement with the virtual – written and published via the blockchain as a token word performance, and embodied by each collector as a uniquely intimate, personalized interpretation.

This is another impressive accomplishment for the Write3 movement, as mainstream NFT art platforms continue to see writing worthy of being collected. Learn more and collect here.

3. A Literary NFT Worth Collecting - Gamer's Gambit

I love this piece from Mind Attic. Part comic, part informational, all original! I asked Mind Attic about his latest Mirror comic, here's what he had to say:

Dive into the heart-pounding world of Gamer's Gambit: Unmasking the Fraudulent Employer, an enthralling comic that delves into the shadowy realm of online gaming scams. Follow our intrepid hero as he navigates treacherous digital landscapes, exposing deceitful job offers and cunning swindlers. Along the way, you'll learn to spot red flags, uncover inconsistencies, and sharpen your instincts, all while outsmarting the fraudsters in this captivating tale of digital vigilance and critical thinking.

Gamer's Gambit a great example of how to use Mirror for creative work. At .001e, this is definitely a literary NFT worth collecting!

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