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Newsication #005

Created by JD

Welcome back, writer fam. Here we are again with your Newsication issue #005. Before we start, I just want to mention the official launch of Entre communities. So anyone can go create a community now it’s out of beta. Just have to say that I’m always impressed with the professional nature of the entire team at Entre.

In this issue, we are going to discuss a few select projects. We’ve been working behind the scenes towards collaborations and partnerships that we feel align with our core values, and will also benefit our mutual communities. It is our opinion that developing these relationships in a genuine manner will be essential to the success of Write3/Web3.

The following projects are by people I know personally and count them as good friends. Getting to know them over the past 12 months as their projects grew and as they supported me in my endeavours.. I wouldn’t, if I had any doubts about them or the project, be mentioning them or even consider them good friends. However, I am not infallible, so as always, DYOR.

So in no particular order, we have first up, the CollectiveBrain community, created by Carmonpa1. I first came across the concept in September 2021 and joined the Discord community. At the time, I didn’t explore it that much as I didn’t really understand why it was needed. The idea is a network/community of people from all walks of life, coming together to share knowledge. Creating a large vault of resources. People who are experts in their field, all the way to Knowledge Addicts. People can apply to be a knowledge contributor, and if selected you can then put a request in for funding for the next round with your article that you wish to contribute. The community then votes on what articles they would like added. Carmonpa1 has a procedure in place that is very professional and well thought out. And yes, you are paid for your articles in Matic.

As I said before, when I joined the discord, I didn’t explore much at the time. I still stayed a part of the community and moved with them to a new platform called CommonGround. With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of good and evil being perpetuated with this tool. That’s what it is, a tool that is used by humans. It can be used for nefarious purposes or for the benefit of humankind. With the advent of it, however, it became clear to me that a community collecting, storing and protecting the knowledge of our world, could be the only thing standing against Artificial Intelligence if it goes drastically wrong. Of course, this knowledge is useless if not implemented and shared. Which is what the Collectivebrain is. A network of human minds, collecting, using and sharing of humanities knowledge.

Knowledge isn’t power the implementation of knowledge is where power comes from. Wisdom is sharing that knowledge freely with others.

Goes without saying how these two communities can work together to grow. So if you are like those of us there already, self-confessed Knowledge Addicts, hit that link below.

Join -> Collectivebrain.

Next up, I want to introduce you to the project, VerifiedCreators. Founded by Dracklyn. I came across this project in March 2022 and have been a verified creator since May 12 2022. Verification across web3 is a mess, with many platforms having arbitrary methods of “verifying”. As well as charging for it, without any transparency. Also, verification for the bois! Join the platform, you know someone on the inside. Instant verification. That they may know someone isn’t the issue, it’s again the lack of transparency and arbitrary methods. I have seen people get verified that I have personally called out for being a scammer days later. I’ve seen a known scammer be verified and remain verified.

VerifiedCreators is a project I believe can restore integrity to the space. You can read the whitepaper. Join the discord.

There have been 316+ verification applications by web3 creators and counting. Amongst those verified creators are some renowned creators like:

Oliver Mccann, Jeran Campanella, Jayden Toretto, Mark Sloboda, Dustin Turska and completely unplanned, this issues guest writer and personal friend, Randhir Hebbar.

There is also community member and Issue #001 guest writer Meiko Patton

Community member, a talented musician (1/3 of the band Goldberry), a wonderful friend, the lovely Sarah Freihaut

The co-founder of the Web3 blogging platform and WritersWithoutWalls sponsor, Tony Lewis

Money Quest was founded by John Jardin. As well as the creator of a few educational projects for Web3. I’ve always been a supporter of his projects as I’m a firm believer in the essential role education will play in bringing Web3/Write3 to the mainstream world. Money Quest was set up to bring income streams to those that followed and supported John. These income streams would be fully vetted by John prior to introducing the app to a select few within the group. Then announced to the group with a full write-up and explanation of best practices. They have mainly been the move to earn style apps. Honeygain/Jumpstart that I’ve been using myself for about 3 years. and a few more, all on the website with guides, and an education section.

John has always been very thorough and professional, which I highly respect and value in this space. It’s a no-brainer for me, if you are going to be walking around during the day, with a phone in your pocket or a wearable device. Might as well be earning from it. Having these vetted, listed in one place and continually added to, takes away all the guesswork. As the team grows, we’ll be able to earn more by entering challenges as a team. There’s also no pressure at all. If you aren’t comfortable doing any of them, that’s not an issue.

Jump on the website here, and have a look around. Sign up by following the easy steps.

Last, but certainly not least, is a brilliant concept by my good friend CD Damitio founder of Vagobond magazine, creator of #BaldJesus and brilliant in its simplicity, read-to-earn concept. #r2e

We are on SubstackMediumParagraph and Zirkels. We’ve enabled chat and notes on Substack. Whatever platform you read this on, if you have a question, a suggestion, or some feedback. Please do reach out. Or in the WritersWithoutWalls communities below.

We currently have two communities for you to choose from.

Writers Without Walls on Entre – All are welcome. This is a safe place for writers to learn about Web3 from other writers that have been there. There will be resources, guides, courses and many experienced Web3 people to bounce questions off before you even decide if you want to explore Web3.

Writer Without Walls on – This is our Web3 community, whatever level you are at with exploring Web3, you are welcome. There will also be resources, guides, and courses available.

From David’s Desk.

The Future of Social Media

and how a multichain ecosystem is inevitable

David J Meyer

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

When my grandma was little, a common pain treatment was cocaine.

It wasn’t until later that doctors realized how addictive and dangerous cocaine was and outlawed it.

Today, many people have equated social media to modern-day cocaine.

It is massively addictive, releases dopamine, and destroys your mental health if you aren’t careful.

The reality is, there are many, many problems with social media.

This is probably a very odd intro when you look at the title of this article. But here is where I’m going with this:

Thanks to modern blockchain technology, if we can decentralize social media, many of those problems will come to a halt.

We may not be able to stifle the addictive power or comparison games, but it can certainly solve a lot of other major issues social media has brought to the modern human.

And so the question is: what is decentralized social media, what problems are they solving, and what will the future of these look like in 5-10 years?

Read the full article here.

From JD’s Desk

Free Downloadable Resource, the first of many we have planned for our community.

26 Writing Prompts

JD Armstrong

A writer's aid to breaking through the writer's block wall. 26 Prompts to get the brain thinking and the writer; writing. The more we do a thing, the more we are able to do it.

Pick one, print out the page and write with pen and paper if that's your go-to. Or just Open up whichever writing app you use, type the title and get writing.

This issue's guest writer is – Randhir Hebbar

Randhir is a 3x entrepreneur from India who has built multiple startups in the Web3, Analytics and Consulting space. He is also a wannabe writer and is writing his first semi-fiction novel, partly inspired by his own life experiences on one of his recent ventures. His first novel, "The Chief Embezzlement Officer", is the story of 3 friends who get together to build a startup successfully. In the course of building it, greed gets the better of two of the antagonists, who go out of their way to not only siphon off money from the company but also try to remove the protagonist from the company. The novel is the story of the fightback, the mix of emotions the protagonist goes through and how he deals not only with the greed, but also a failing criminal justice system. The real question is if the protagonist is able to overcome the odds and come out victorious. You can read the first chapter of the Novel for FREE here and also stay up to date with the progress Randhir makes on the book here

AI Art of one of the chapters that was published as an NFT

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