DAO Thoughts & Learnings 23/06

3 things I learned about DAOs this week

  1. Decentralized firing of DAO contributors. What do you do if a DAO member misbehaves? MetricsDAO has the answer. The DAO included a decentralized way to offboard DAO members in their constitution. If three contributors file a complaint about a member, the Governing Council will examine and vote on the case. If the complaints originate from members of the Governing council, they will recuse themselves from the case.

  2. The emergence of proprietary DAO Apps. Popular Social DAO FWB announced their own social platform this week. Inside the app, DAO members can connect, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on governance topics. But most importantly, the platform will bring governance closer to the DAO’s members, massively reducing friction to participate. While platforms like this are especially important to Social DAOs like FWB, DAOs across categories will adopt apps and platforms like this 2023.

  3. Corporates are exploring DAOs as organizational tools. Toyota recently announced a DAO hackathon with the goal to bring in web3 perspectives that might help improve the company’s operations. The company believes that DAOs could help the organization surface more ideas and help reduce decision making workload on managers. Hackathon participants are to develop intra-company DAO support tools and will be judged by the Japanese web3 agency Hakuhodo.

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