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DAO Thoughts & Learnings 23/10

3 things I learned about DAOs this week

Cross Stream DAO Operations. Gitcoin created a team called CSDO (Cross Stream DAO Ops), which unites all workstream leads in a body that runs the daily operations. This sort of executive team enables workstreams to collaborate, align, and decide on strategic matters that impact multiple or all work streams, e.g. audits, GTC utility, business model, etc.

The post vote appeal process. Consider the following scenario: Days after a DAO passes a proposal, new information comes to light that would have significantly impacted the vote. Gitcoin is currently discussing a mechanism to address this. The mechanism would require a member of the CSDO (see above) whose vote aligned with the initial outcome to raise the matter to the Steward council. The council then has the power to void the proposal and bring it up for a re-vote.

Governance surface area is a fancy word to describe which decisions are taken by whom, i.e. which decisions are taken by token holders and which decisions the leadership team can take independently. Designing and communicating an explicit governance surface area creates clear mandates for different DAO stakeholders - people now know the decisions they can and can’t be a part of.

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