DAO Thoughts & Learnings 23/14

3 things I learned about DAOs this week

Dynamic quorum. A quorum represents the minimum number of votes needed for a proposal vote to be valid. Usually a quorum is a fixed threshold, e.g. 5% of all voters need to vote. In contrast, a dynamic quorum is a variable threshold that increases with every new vote. The more people vote the higher the quorum, until a predefined max quorum is reached. This mechanism makes it harder to pass contentious proposals that receive a lot of negative votes.

Personal voting bots. Noun 4156 recently proposed the idea of voting bots that could vote on behalf of users. The bot would crawl the user’s posting/voting history to create a set of beliefs that represent the user. If a vote comes up, the bot would automatically vote on behalf of the user according to the user’s “belief system”. This “Optimistic Voting” approach would boost voter participation by creating a default vote that can be edited if needed.

Security Council - Freezing Mandate. Some DAOs have established security councils that can bypass the normal governance process to enact emergency updates in case the protocol is attacked. Critics of this approach argue that this would give security councils too much power and suggested an alternative model: Security councils could merely have the power to freeze a protocol, and hand over the details of the update to the normal governance process.

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