DAO Thoughts & Learnings 23/17

3 things I learned about DAOs this week

Minimum Frozen Period refers to the minimum amount of time that a proposal must remain unchanged before it can advance to a formal submission. The mechanism, which is part of MakerDAO’s new governance setup, helps to avoid putting contentious proposals up for a vote before all major points of feedback are resolved.

Blind Delegation allows token holders to delegate to a voting pool, which is then distributed to active DAO members based on a predefined reputation rank. By tying reputation to activity levels, this mechanism could solve the problem of ghost delegates. At the same time, blind delegation reduces the need for voters to conduct research into delegates, which reduces the barriers to delegation.

GuildKick is a proposal type to remove members from the DAO. If a GuildKick proposal is successful, the kicked member’s voting shares are automatically converted into treasury assets proportional to the value of their voting shares. Once a member is guildkicked, they cannot be added as a member again.

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