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👋 ✍️ to WW3!

And no, it's not the WW3 you're freaking out about

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ğŸŽ‰ Today marks the official inauguration of Write Web 3's newsletter! We'll be sending out bi-weekly updates that share the latest knowledge from our amazing community and discuss the latest tea in our ever-evolving, and sometimes strange space.

To kick things off, we'll introduce our newest members and their incredible work, content written by our community, and hot takes that will make you ponder what's possible 🤭.

🍾 Let's pop some bubbly and celebrate our vibrant community of writers!

First up, a few highlights ğŸŽ¬:

🔥 We came together on Twitter Spaces a couple of weeks ago, which included a rugging, to chat about finding your voice as a writer. Naturally, there were some hot takes and great intel that can benefit anyone on the scale from beginner to expert. You can listen to the recording here!

🤖 AI has been all the news lately and was the hot topic in our previous WW3 space. It's clear that it will impact us all in some manner but for now, we can laugh before our demise.

Shout out to barnsey(mb) for highlighting Heptabase, a combined note-taking and white-boarding tool. Here's what he likes about it:

One really powerful workflow (that fits my way of working and thinking) is the ability to capture a bunch of singular ideas and concepts, and then connect and repurpose them across different ideas and trains of thought (in different whiteboards)

Our Newest Friends

Hello to @imtalljonathan

🧂 Jonathan is a lightly seasoned web3head who is also quite tall. He typically writes monthly about web3 product ideas and marketing.

He's currently loving: JUMP, Murder Head Death Club, Lil Nouns, Adim

Fun Fact: I love getting my favorite albums on vinyl, which I play on a very old turntable

Find His Work: Mirror and Twitter

Meet Jfuji

Jordy is a writer and digital marketer based in Toronto and has been poking around web3 since January of 2022. He is currently focusing creating a read-to-earn (and write-to-earn) serialized fiction environment. Additionally, Jordy focuses on the meta of web3 publishing and gaming.

Current Project: Scholar & Scribe is my spiritual HQ for all of the above. It is a uniquely tokenized creative writing community on Hive.

Fun Fact: I once spent 2 summers in the Cayman Islands setting up and tearing down concerts.

Find Jordy: Site and Twitter

Meet Seaweed

Yash is a programmer and writer exploring all things web3. Their background is in backend dev, currently learning solidity and the Ethereum stack.

Current Writes: Exploring the technical side of projects, understanding and explaining implementations, and bridging the super technical and mid technical.

Fun Fact: He's the fastest touch typer in WW3!

Meet Seaweed: Site and Twitter

Meet barnsey(mb)

Martin is the CEO of DX, an entertainment tech company based out of Norway. He's currently contributing to an investment DAO called Reidar and is following StoryDAO closely. He's enjoyed writing for awhile but has recently began publishing regularly and is finding the joy in it!

Currently Writes: Topics like NFTs as input/output for commerce, the intersection of web3 and entertainment (IP building, co-creation). He's also writing for people that are web3 curious (even the skeptics out there) to help contribute to more understanding of the potency of this tech and movement.

Fun Fact: Hasn't eaten breakfast in five years 🤯, instead opts for bullet coffee

Find Martin: LinkedIn and Twitter

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