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Work in Web3 Wednesdays: Twitter Space Highlights

Last week, our founder Rachel joined the amazing Shira Lazar on her space. The topic was #WomeninWeb3 - Money Talks: Your Worth in Web3 💰. It was a good one! You can listen to the recording here.

In December, we had an awesome conversation with Anna Seacat on work in web3, tips on networking and negotiation, and building the bridges from web2 to web3. Please listen back here for Anna’s great advice and everything she’s building at Glypta.

Sublayer - Sign Up!

As many of you know, our founder Rachel is also building a platform called Sublayer. On Sublayer, you can create a personal page with links to everything you're creating online that stays up to date with any services you've connected. Think of it like the place for everything you do that doesn't fit on LinkedIn. Click here to view Rachel's as an example. We set up a community page specifically for xCollective, if you sign up with this special invite link, you'll be able to browse each other's profiles and the greater xCollective directory AND our curated job board. We are early in our development process and appreciate any feedback along the way.

Updates and Community Survey

We know the market is a bit out of wack, but we are still here, and still building. Please head here to read the full announcement and xCollective updates from Rachel at the end of 2022. We’re always thinking of our amazing community and wanted to put out this quick survey to gather any feedback and ideas for this year!

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