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Dev Notes: February 9, 2024

Converse Baguette; Blaze; Bello; iOS SDK; ETHDenver

🥖 Converse Baguette: send USDC everywhere for free; to anyone; without spam.

Converse just announced its latest "Baguette" upgrade which:

  • Allows the free and easy transaction of $USDC in-chat, without paying for gas fees.

  • Enables users to sign up using just a phone number thanks to their Privy integration (docs; demo), and automatically creates an ENS compliant user name (gasless thanks to NameStone!).

  • Is spam free, thanks to Converse's integration of XMTP's protocol consent preferences.

  • Is available on web, Mac, iOS and Android!

📫 Blaze joined the XMTP network.

Blaze launched automated wallet to wallet DMs powered by XMTP (following a survey they conducted in the web3 space which showed XMTP as the preferred protocol for wallet messaging 😏). Read their full report on the state of wallet messaging here.

🔍 Bello is now available to all marketers.

Bello just made its no-code wallet analytics platform available to the public, which makes it super easy for marketers to gain insight into their audience's on-chain footprint and then engage with them. Learn more here.

📲 New iOS SDK release.

We're excited to share that the new iOS SDK version 0.8.0 is now ready! This update includes a fix for the streaming issue some of you might have noticed in iOS apps. See the release.

🐳 Find us at ETHDenver!

Going to ETHDenver? We'll be there from Feb 27 - March 3.

  • Naomi Plasterer will be leading a session on building consent-based messaging in web3, on Feb 27 at 5PM. This talk is part of #BUIDLWeek.

  • XMTP will have a booth from Feb 28th - March 3rd in Privacyville. Come by to meet the team, get some awesome XMTP apparel, and see what's in store for messaging in 2024!

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