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Dev Notes: February 20, 2024

Group Chats Alpha; New XIP to Protect Inboxes; ETHDenver General Store

Get Ready for Group Chats!

We just released group chats on the Dev Network, and we'd love your feedback on it before we ship it to production. Let's work together to build secure, private group chats, portable across apps, and protected from spam by the network.

New Inbox Protection on XMTP

XMTP is getting a major protocol update that brings users’ allow/block preferences to the network-level. All major inboxes are adopting this standard to respect users’ preferences, and each bringing novel user experiences to enrich it.

ETHDenver General Store, Powered by $USDC & XMTP

We're headed out west to #ETHDenver and opening the world's first General Store, powered by $USDC & XMTP. Send "gm" to thegeneralstore.eth to pre-order now, for pick up at our booth!

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