Dev Notes: October 4, 2023

Any DAO on Snapshot can now reach token holders on any XMTP client app!

💡 Spotlight: Snapshot integrated XMTP so DAOs can reach blockchain addresses directly to notify and engage voters, hold delegates accountable, and verify authenticity while preserving privacy.

DM chat.snapshot.eth to start receiving notifications from the DAOs you are a part of, straight to your blockchain address on Coinbase Wallet, Lenster, Converse or any other XMTP client app.

Trustless systems don’t remove the need for us to communicate with each other. If anything, removing trusted third parties makes it that much more crucial for us to have secure ways to communicate, while being able to verify who we’re talking to.

The transparency, security and permissionlessness of blockchain has been missing from our communication in web3. This leads to a lack of critical engagement, which is especially felt when we try to organize ourselves as a group and make decisions democratically. For example, on average only 20% of people vote in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

DAOs are about decentralizing ownership of a platform, and giving members (usually established through on-chain ownership) a say in decisions about its future. But to reach users, DAOs have to make use of web2 messaging platforms, which is truly problematic for preserving anonymity and privacy in voting. To reach is to dox.

With XMTP, Snapshot is making it dead simple for DAOs to notify members without collecting personal information, and allow them to vote without leaving the app.

Learn more.

Updates on Spam Countermeasures

Last week we kicked off the inaugural XMTP Inbox Safety Council meeting on spam countermeasures, with Coinbase Wallet, Converse Messenger, Unstoppable Domains, and Orb. Others have reached out to join the next ones. Here are some updates since we met:

  • All apps asked that XMTP make it so that we can share users’ responses to conversation requests across client. This protects the entire network, not just a single inbox. We'd love your feedback on this short term solution.

  • Use Airstack to build a known sender inbox and spam filters for your app.

  • Converse allows users to delete conversations.

  • Upgrade to v2.8 for new anti-spam features in messages.

  • On Unstoppable Domains, users can block unwanted message requests, which will affect sender's wallet spam score.

See you at DevConnect!

ETH NYC was the POC: Web3 identity + messaging + bots to guarantee delivery = powerful user onboarding at scale.

Over 60% of devs ordered from the crypto corner store, and mainly for digital goods like testnet funds, POAPs, and Lens handles.

Projects like Polygon, BASE, Linea, and Lens all used the same model to onboard and engage users at the event... and we're working with more partners for DevConnect, and can't wait to get even more creative with it!

Learn more about how any project can set up chatbots to engage devs at scale.

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