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Dev Notes: December 19, 2023

Decentralizing XMTP; Yup; Group chats; Dev FAQs

💍 New Community Proposal: A Minimum Viable Path to a Decentralized XMTP

Treboryatska.eth has shared a proposal on Discourse for a decentralized network that tackles spam, ensures user sovereignty, and enhances security with a scalable blockchain infrastructure. Here's an excerpt:

Objective: Propose a credibly neutral network architecture that provides for a high throughput, low fee messaging experience for XMTP inbox client developers.

Motivation: XMTP is a credibly neutral messaging protocol that developers can use to provide secure, private, and portable messaging experiences for users. Messaging users should have sovereignty over their messaging identity and history. They also expect a private, secure messaging experience. Consumer messaging users expect a free and low friction experience. Bulk senders would like to build reputation while reliably reaching their audiences. All users would like protections from spam. The requirements of such a system are novel, and require unique solutions made available through a scalable modular blockchain infrastructure.

Feedback from the XMTP community, especially client app developers, is requested and welcomed!

🙌 Community Highlights

Dev FAQs

  1. Wen group chat?

Group chat is by far the most requested feature on XMTP. Almost every day, someone in the community asks, “Wen group chat?” So far, XMTP’s 1:1 chat has been the primary focus; ensuring that it has the reliability, performance, and usability to enable everyone from hackathon devs to public companies like Coinbase to add wallet-to-wallet messaging to their apps. But it’s finally time to tackle groups while improving the security and user privacy of the network.

  1. When building apps using XMTP, how do you fetch conversations by the most recent message?"

Devs are often surprised to learn that this isn’t possible with XMTP. Instead, an app must fetch all conversations up front. Here's why.

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