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Dev Notes: September 7, 2023

Message to order from the Crypto Corner Store at ETH NYC!

💡Spotlight: This September we’re teaming up with ENS to run a crypto corner store at ETH Global NYC, powered by XMTP.

Some of you might remember the Base cafe we hosted with Coinbase Wallet in July at ETH Paris. Anyone could place their order by texting an ENS we had set up, and pay for it in-chat using USDC. All gas-free on BASE.

Secure wallet messaging unlocks real utility, that can sometimes feel like magic because of the current systems we’re used to. For example:

  • Avoiding credit card fees when paying for $1 coffee in a foreign country

  • Having secure enough messaging that orders can be automated and paid for in-chat, without you having to enter any payment information (you’re already messaging from your wallet address).

We’re bringing that feeling back this September, and taking it to the next level — by partnering with ENS to bring to life even more use cases for secure and private messaging.

Try it out by sending a "gm" to cryptocornerstore.eth, using any XMTP client app!

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📒Latest Dev Guides

  • Use local first architecture: If you're building a production-grade app, be sure to use a local-first architecture to help you build a performant app. Using this local-first architecture, the client prioritizes using the local cache on the device where it’s running.

  • Query XMTP enabled addresses: XMTP users can only chat with other users who have XMTP-enabled addresses. Thus, it is essential that if you are building on top of XMTP to know if a user or group of users have XMTP enabled.

  • Building a custom content type for multiplication operation: This tutorial will walk you through the process of building a custom content type dedicated to multiplying numbers. For demonstration purposes, we'll create a MultiplyCodec custom content type.

P.S. We'd love your help promoting our crypto corner store, if you're on Twitter or Lenster! 🫶

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