Gratitude Meditation VIII

Daily Meditation #273–11/22/2022


Free Gray Tabby Cat Lying on White String Lights Stock Photo

The way that shadows of tree branches dance and oscillate against the wall in the morning sun.

How I wake up a bit older, but indiscernably so, each day.

When you randomly smell something and it “just brings you back” to some memory you didn’t know you had filed away.

For the little Macintosh I had as a child on which I wrote, drew, and played “KidPix” every day, nourishing my imagination.

The very specific and memory-ingrained ways that my parents laugh which I will never forget.

(That said parents are also in good health!)

Despite the so-far long wait, that my fiancée's visa is almost approved.

The smell of tomatos on the vine.

For the feeling of deckle-cut pages of a book and the fact some people are meticulous with such little details.

For nearly 4 years sober.

The weirdness that are cats.

These are just a few things for which I hold immense gratitude in my heart in this moment. Attune yourself and your perception so that in any given instance you could identify so many things for which you hold thanks for.

Life is good. Always.

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These are distillations from my coming book “YouDaimonia: the Ancient Philosophy of Human Flourishing.”

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