What Could You Be Like?

Daily Meditation #311–12/30/2022


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What would we be like at the end of today if we stopped wasting time on petty, trivial things?

How about at the end of a week of it?
A month?

Or maybe if we reduced our wasting time by even 80% for 5 years?

What would your life be like?

What skills could you have?
Who could you have met?
What would you know?
Would you have far more money?
How fit do you think you could be?

How vastly different could your life be in just a week if you stopped wasting so much time?

You don’t need to be perfectly efficient every minute of every day — and don’t pull the “So you’re saying never relax or take vacation?” card. You know very well that isn’t what is meant.
You don’t need efficiency every moment, but you certainly know you can improve on how much time you spend in utter masturbation. TV, gaming, oversleeping, drinking or taking recreational drugs, or sitting around.

So — if you improved yourself and how you spent your time, even a smidge:

What would you be like in a week? Month? Year? 5 years?

Answer out loud.

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These are distillations from my coming book “YouDaimonia: the Ancient Philosophy of Human Flourishing.”

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