A tiny glass

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Small terrariums are hard to build. Especially if it's a smaller one.

Today's client gave me a challenge. Giving me a small glass, she asked me to build a terrarium inside.

Yuki bought a lot of ingredients. Moss, stones, plants... I tried a lot, but I couldn't make a good one, so Yuki has to bring those again. She looked annoyed.

After many tries, I was almost giving up. But then Yanghwa helped me. With her small hands, she slowly built a peaceful terrarium inside the glass.

The client looked very happy. She thanked me, but I told her that it couldn't be done without Yuki and Yanghwa. The client paid me a lot, so we had a nice dinner.

Opensea Polygon Link: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xd6905bc25e377050505182ef1b6a1ca5f32f251f/14/

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