Yuhwa is renamed as yuaeyin

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1) I change my name from yuhwa_aab1 to yuaeyin.

2) I'll stop building my own universe for a while.

3) I'll be an embassador of

the web3 project <in/habitants>

Hello, This is Yuhwa_aab1, came from long vacation.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm a guy who dreams to be a famous author, living in Asia.

Now I want to make an another fresh new start, changing my author name.

I've changed my name on internet hundreds of times. But I never gave up creating something.

That leaded me to meet good people from <Paragraph>, <Unlock Protocol>, <in/habitants> and <Write3>.

But I was afraid. Since one person found that I am creating on the internet, I was afraid because my traumas could be exposed.

That was why I had a vacation.

I'm still afraid, but I got a courage after reading one book.

The others' blame are not my business. I just need to do my business.

And mine is creating.

I will face the world.

I'll stop building my fiction and world for a while. Instead, I will join the embassador program of the project <in/habitants>.(Check out their web3 webtoon. It's great)

Last but not least, Thank you for loving Yuhwa_aab1. From now on, please call me yuaeyin. I will change my name on the platforms I currently use. If there's a platform still remaining as yuhwa_aab1, that means I rarely use that one.

Even if the name has changed, I am still me. I will keep creating.

Thank you everyone.

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