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Cancelling Stuck Transactions in Metamask:

A fast guide to quickly cancel pending/stuck transactions.

If you've ever minted an NFT, joined a token presale or even made a transfer on Ethereum mainnet, especially during busy times with lots of participants, you may have encountered a stubborn transaction that won't cancel—stuck. Canceling these can be time-consuming, but a quick fix is to replace it with a new transaction, this time using a higher gas fee. Want to know how? Keep reading.

1. Turn on "nonce" in advanced settings on Metamask.

  1. Check the nonce value associated with the pending transaction on Etherscan or any explorer. This will be crucial for the next step. You can also find nonce on Metamask activity tab like I did here;

  1. Note nonce value, it will be useful in the next steps.

  1. Send a transaction of 0ETH to yourself, using the transaction's nonce value in the "custom nonce" input box.

    1. Increase the gas by clicking on the "market" and change it to "aggressive". The higher gas price ensures miners prioritize your new transaction, leaving the stuck one behind.

  1. Note: Cancel transaction with the lowest nonce value first; if you have multiple pending transactions.

    That's it! You'll know what to do when next this happens.

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