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Safeguard Your Crypto/NFT Bags with These web3 Wallet Security Extensions

List of wallet extensions to keep your wallet safe.

Web3 is about taking control of your assets, but that comes with it's risk of scams and phishing attacks. With one click, all you've been working for could be drained in a flash with little to nothing you can do about it. Don't hit that "mint" button nor claim that airdrop, unless your wallet is shielded from phishing & wallet-drainers. Market's turning green, but scammers are lurking. Stay alert with these wallet security extensions.

Why You Need Them

Phishing and wallet drainers are common pitfalls in crypto/NFT. Protect  yourself with browser extensions designed to analyze transactions and warn you against malicious activity before it reaches your wallet. Here are the top picks in no certain order:

1. Pocket Universe by @PocketUniversez

2. Wallet Guard by @wallet_guard

3. Mint Defense by @MintDefense

  • Uses AI to detect and block scam sites

  • Only paid solution on this list

  • Supports all EVM


 4. Fire by @_joinfire

5. Revoke cash by @RevokeCash

How to install

They usually have links to their respective download page/chrome store on their X/twitter page, DOUBLE CHECK links before you click. Click "Add extension" to install from chrome store. Try sending a transaction to give it a test.


Choose any of these extensions to secure your bag. It doesn't matter which one; just choose one! Did I miss any? Let me know

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