Do More with the Zeeve Mobile App Now: Manage & Monitor Your Avalanche Subnets On-the-Go!

We are happy to announce that we have extended the support of the Zeeve mobile app, and now clients with Avalanche Subnet can also view, manage, and monitor their networks directly from their Android or iOS app. This will benefit business owners, developers, system administrators, and other key stakeholders to keep a tab on their Subnet networks and quickly respond to alerts, check node status, or perform urgent troubleshooting directly from their mobile devices without being tied to a laptop.

“Immediate access to detailed information post-deployment is essential. Our mobile app ensures you’re never out of the loop. At Zeeve, we listen to our customers and bring updates that make their lives easier. Avalanche Subnet management support on mobile devices will benefit those running their subnet with us and those whose nodes are not hosted on Zeeve but want to benefit from our subnet management dashboard and monitoring.” 

Dr Ravi Chamria

co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

We’re all ears to listen to your feedback. Thank you for choosing Zeeve as your preferred go-to for subnet management. 

What’s New for Avalanche Subnets on Mobile?

Node Details View:

  • Node Information: Access complete details about your node, including General Info, Cloud Data, RPC Details (for Full Nodes).

  • Subnet Insights: View connected subnets directly through your node’s overview.

  • Alerts: Receive targeted alerts specific to your node’s status and health.

Subnet Management Dashboard:

  • Overview: Get a snapshot of your subnet’s status, including detailed precompile configuration summary, chain and cloud information, all validator nodes list (even those not hosted on Zeeve), and active alerts.

  • Validator Management: A central hub for validator requests and operations, featuring control keys (control & threshold info), non-Zeeve hosted validators, and validator joining requests to expand your subnet .

  • Blockchain Configurations: Adjust your network’s precompile configurations on the go with options for native tokens, deployer and transactor management, fee settings, reward management, and Genesis file configurations.

  • My Nodes: An all-encompassing view of validators and full nodes within your subnet, integrated/hosted on Zeeve platform. 

  • Infra Details – of Validators & Full Nodes  integrated/hosted with Zeeve along with options to optimize or expand infra on finger tips.

  • Account Management: Manage your subnet’s administrators and enablers, including the addition of operators through Metamask, to all precompiled on the thrift subnet from a single portal using Metamask.

Monitoring & Alert Services:

  • Keep a pulse on real-time monitoring metrics such as CPU usage, memory, and network activity.

  • Stay informed with immediate alerts on node health or performance issues.

Get access

Download the Zeeve app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Log in to your Zeeve account with Google, Apple, GitHub, and your Registered email ID, or sign up in just a few taps. Go to the subnet section. That’s it! 

Thank you for choosing Zeeve as your trusted partner in blockchain infrastructure. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build next!

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