Dozens of Partner Integrations for Polygon CDK Testnet/Mainnet are Now a Request Away!

We are happy to announce that a range of partner integrations are now available to our Rollups-as-a-service users deploying their Polygon CDK Testnet and Mainnet with Zeeve. 

When launching a dApp on a public chain, businesses have access to all the necessary tools like Oracles, Wallets, and other dev tools. However, for custom L2/L3 rollups, these integrations aren’t readily available. That’s where Zeeve RaaS comes in, offering all native integrations in one place. This enables businesses to plug in critical functionalities into their rollups and appchains from day one, ensuring seamless deployment with out-of-the-box integrations.

“We understand the importance of Integrations and are always looking for ways to make it easy for our Rollup users. Now, with these Integrations, businesses can choose which ones are required for their CDK chains and configure their Rollup parameters. Zeeve will ensure that your integrated Rollup chain is LIVE in the minimum possible time and free from any multi-layer management hassle.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Any other Integrations that are not yet available on the list but supported on Zeeve can be used on demand any time after your chain is in testnet/mainnet. 

What Integrations Are Available for Polygon CDK? 

Users will get Polygon CDK Partner Integration for Data Availability, Sequencer, Oracles, Account Abstraction, On/off-ramping, storage protocols, developer tools, etc.

External Data Availability (DA): 

Users who don’t want to go with on-chain Data Availability can choose off-chain DA layers. They ensure the availability of the minimum transaction data outside of the blockchain network. Off-Chain DA partners include,

  • Celestia

  • Near DA

  • Avail

  • Eigen DA

Decentralized Oracles: 

Decentralized oracles bridge external data to smart contracts, facilitating interaction with real-world events

  • Chainlink

  • Pyth

  • Redstone

Decentralized Storage: 

Decentralized storage stores and replicates data across a network of computers instead of a single centralized server.

  • Arweave

  • Filecoin

  • IPFS

Developer Tools:

Onboard users with wallets, build & deploy smart contracts, accept fiat with payments, and scale apps with infrastructure on any EVM chain, and more.

  • ThirdWeb

  • Tenderly

Request the Integrations for Your CDK Testnet & Mainnet

From the same DevNet deployment panel, users can choose between CDK Testnet and Mainnet launches, along with a dozen integrations.

Just like you deploy the DevNet, provide your Network Details, Select off-chain DA (if that is a requirement), select the mentioned partner for the same, and do the customization for middlewares & Third Party Integrations, click next and provide RPC details (if selected) and select region by clicking on next button and submit the request.

You are done! Soon, your CDK network will be available for use with your pre-defined configurations and integrations. 

Visit our web page for more details on Zeeve RaaS and the integrations supported on Zeeve. If you have further queries, schedule a call with our experts today! 

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