HEALE partners with Zeeve to deploy custom ZK Rollup on its decentralized logistics network

Web3 logistics startup HEALE Network, created by HEALE Labs, has announced a partnership with the leading enterprise-grade RaaS provider Zeeve. The collaboration will see HEALE leverage Zeeve’s innovative Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) to deploy a custom Layer-2 solution on top of Ethereum’s EVM, bringing multiple benefits to supply chain stakeholders on its decentralized network.

The high-performance custom ZK Rollup, developed with Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit), offers scalable infrastructure that adheres to GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO compliance standards. It represents a major advancement in secure and private real-time logistics transactions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zeeve to accelerate our vision for a highly scalable open logistics network. By combining a custom ZK-Rollup with data tokenization and verifiable credentials, we have created an extremely secure system where only trusted devices and identities can use the HEALE Network and access its metadata. The future of logistics is very bright.”

Todd Haselhorst


“HEALE Network is building the future of logistics with blockchain. By deploying a ZK Rollup with Zeeve, HEALE’s decentralized logistics network benefits from the privacy features of a permissioned blockchain, as well as the trustlessness, verifiability, and decentralization of public blockchains like Ethereum. Zeeve’s RaaS ensures high-uptime sequencing and complete provisioning with integrated tools and protocols, including block explorers, data indexers, cross-chain bridges, and more.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

The partnership is particularly significant in light of a recent surge in security breaches, hacks, and thefts affecting the logistics industry. According to CargoNet, the third quarter of 2023 saw a 430% year-over-year increase in documented strategic cargo thefts, with hijacks of loaded conveyances like full trailers rising by 4%. These thefts were mostly typical in states like California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois. 

Research by CargoNet also revealed a notable increase in sophisticated criminal activities such as identity theft and hostage loads, as well as late shipment complaints.

With its reliable, secure, and scalable ZK-powered logistics network, HEALE Network believes it can bring major advantages to the supply chain, addressing critical security concerns without compromising privacy or UX. By preserving data integrity and security with the support of Zeeve RaaS, HEALE is poised to transform logistics by making the industry safer and more efficient.

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