New on Zeeve: Slack & Microsoft Teams Integration for Streamlined Deployment Alerts

We’re thrilled to announce a powerful enhancement to the Zeeve platform that aligns perfectly with our mission of effortless deployment and seamless integration with real-time communication. 

Now, businesses and developers can receive monitoring alerts for any node or network deployed/managed through Zeeve on their preferred messaging platforms: Slack and Microsoft Teams. This means they will receive immediate updates right in their messaging channel, keeping them informed and responsive to their blockchain infrastructure’s status.

“This new integration support not only enhances our operational efficiency but also keeps us a step ahead in monitoring and managing your blockchain infrastructure. Importantly, this integration is service-agnostic, seamlessly working across all infrastructure services offered through our platform. Whether it’s Rollups/appchains as a service, node infrastructure, or data indexing through Traceye, you’re covered. This feature effectively bridges the gap between monitoring and action, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Together, let’s continue to build on the promise of blockchain with the managed infra, more tools and integrations that make it accessible, manageable, and secure for everyone.” 

Dr Ravi Chamria

co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Kickstart this integration and turn your Slack and Microsoft Teams channels into a command center for your blockchain activities.

Here’s how to integrate the messaging channel:

Integrate Slack:

  • Log into your Slack workspace and navigate to your preferred channel (or create a new one).

  • Click on the channel name, then click “Add an app or integration,” > search for “Incoming Webhooks,” and click ‘Add.’

  • Follow the setup steps to generate your webhook URL.

Integrate Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Microsoft Teams and choose your preferred channel (or create one).

  • Click on the Ellipsis (…) next to the channel name > “Connectors” > find “Incoming Webhook” and add it.

  • Complete the setup to generate your webhook URL.

Configure on Zeeve:

  • With your webhook URL, log into Zeeve and navigate to “Settings” > “Notifications tab.”

  • Click “Add Channel,” select your platform, paste the webhook URL, and name your channel.

  • Send a test message; upon success, save your configuration.

If you’re not on Zeeve yet, sign up today to simplify your blockchain infrastructure management. Need assistance getting started or migrating your infrastructure? Schedule a call with us for support.

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