Pentagon Games is Launching a Dedicated Pentagon Chain leveraging Zeeve’s Comprehensive RaaS Offering

Pentagon Games, an innovative video game publishing & distribution platform powered with XR Metaverse, AI, and Web3 for empowering GameFi adoption, is set to launch a custom, gaming-focused Pentagon chain (CDK ZKEVM) leveraging Zeeve’s comprehensive CDK-specific RaaS stack offering. 

Pentagon Games originally chose to utilize a public chain, as its focus centered around unlocking new ways of game development through futuristic technologies like AI, Web3, and AR/VR, further pushing the boundaries of advancement in gameFi. Now that the platform is growing tremendously with 7+ years of web3 gaming experience, 10+ game titles, and more than 1.2 million global users– Pentagon Games is transitioning to an application-specific, standalone chain to achieve higher scalability, enhanced modularity, atomic inter-chain transactions, and robust security arrangements. 

The decision to launch the Pentagon chain comes from Pentagon games’ vision to tap into CDK’s modularity, EVM compatibility and novel features like independent data availability, near-instant block finality, plus cutting-edge security. A standalone chain will allow Pentagon games to meet the diverse needs of their platform and meanwhile govern the ecosystem for a more adaptable player’s perception and interactions. As a part of their action plan, Pentagon Games will release their own native token; $PEN,  UE5 cross reality metaverse, as well as a mature game launchpad to empower a futuristic gaming infrastructure to scale mass adoption amid rising competition. Players, developers, and game studios will leverage the upcoming Pentagon chain to capture higher value by deploying unique web3 games, and most importantly be able to interact across an aggregated ecosystem of many such games running on the chain.

To ensure a streamlined and complexity-free launch of the Pentagon chain, their team will utilize Zeeve’s comprehensive rollups-as–a-service (RaaS) stack offering. As an official implementation partner for CDK, Zeeve has expertise in working closely with the CDK team to provide quality rollup services to all its clients. Speaking about Pentagon Games, they will benefit from core CDK infrastructure offerings such as a quick, automated infrastructure setup, end-to-end infra management for reliable performance, 24/7 enterprise SLA, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and full compliance for ISO, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR standards. Further, Zeeve will enable modularity into the Pentagon chain with 30+ third-party integration services spanning off-chain DA layers, provers, account abstraction, wallets, and more. Zeeve is also assisting Pentagon Games to use a hybrid decentralized sequencer; Cero, alongside essential blockchain components like native bridge, testnet faucet, etc. 

“It’s exciting to be teaming up with Pentagon Games. As their official RaaS provider,  Zeeve allows Pentagon Games to be entirely focused on catering a solid ecosystem for top-level immersive games while we ensure a seamless launch,  management, and timely scaling of the Pentagon chain’s infrastructure. With us, Pentagon Games envisions to utilize CDK’s zero-knowledge proof-based security, massive scalability, and easy modularity as their bedrock to  accomplish their mission of revamping the video game industry entirely.”

Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO at Zeeve

“The team at Pentagon Games is thrilled to have reached this stage in our development, collaborating with Zeeve to build critical infrastructure that will power the next generation of experiences in Web3 gaming.”

Idon Liu

Co-founder of Pentagon Games

The Pentagon chain’ testnet is expected to go live in June 2024, and mainnet in Sept 2024. The Pentagon games team is currently dedicated to the successful execution of this project. From launch to infrastructure management and further upgradation, Zeeve will be a reliable RaaS provider for the Pentagon to perform all the operations without hassle. Zeeve’s highly-optimized RaaS infrastructure, blockchain experts, and proven track of deploying/managing L2 rollups for a range of enterprises, including 30,000+ users and 40+ industry partners, makes Zeeve RaaS a trusted rollup infrastructure provider and a valuable contributor in the rapidly evolving web3 ecosystem.

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